Sachin Thakur

Software Engineer


Enthusiast Software Engineer with experience building apps in Node.js and React.js. Hands on experience in building API's with GraphQl and TypeScript.Experience with building event driven system with high scalability and availability serving thousands of request per seconds. In previous roles, responsible for building highly available API's, commonly used react component libraries throughout the organisation and launching new features to millions of users.

Work Experience

Software Engineer - II

Transak | Sept 2021 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Peppo Technologies Pvt Limited | Aug 2020 - Sept 2021

I designed and developed the order creation and management flow, improved catalog management, and developed the partner console. Additionally, I conducted profiling, troubleshooting, and bug fixes to make the system more scalable and efficient. I played a key role in developing and improving various systems and processes at Peppo.

  • Designed and developed the order creation and management flow at Peppo.
  • Designed, developed, and improved catalog management.
  • Developed and improved the partner console.
  • Conducted profiling, troubleshooting, and bug fixes to make the system more scalable and efficient.

Software Developer

First Walkin Technologies | May 2019 - Aug 2020

Responsible for building a system that captures feedback for PizzaHut and CCD which is being used by both the vendors. Responsible for building the loyalty points and cashback system which is serving thousands of active users. Build a Standard SDK exposing common API’s for the clients to build upon the Walkin Backend API’s and a React Component library which can be re-used throughout the organisation and other clients for standard Design Patterns.

  • Solution for the high-profile progressive web application standardizing the way of development amongst different projects and mitigating code duplicity
  • Profiling, Troubleshooting & Bugs fixes for the high-volume application resulting in system performance and scalability improvements
  • Developed RefineX that processes and captures feedback while providing richer analytics.
  • Developed the loyalty points and cashback system which is serving millions of active users.
  • Developed product consoles, component libraries, customer interfaces & SDKs.

Full Stack Developer-Intern

Elanic | 2018 - 2019

I was responsible for handling the logistics and user wallet module. Building new Features and launching for Over 1M user. Handled logistics module to manage 3PL API Integrations

  • Integrating with third-party services and external APIs as a part of implementation and standardizing of order shipment service
  • Profiling, Troubleshooting & Bugs fixes for expiring promotional credits in a user’s Wallet
  • Developed and Launched new features for more than 1M users.



Open Source

A website for developers to meet other developers and ask queries. This app is built with ReactJs as its front end and NodeJs for serving API routes.

Burger Builder(ReactJs)

Open Source

A single Page React application for ordering and making custom burgers.


Open Source

Full Stack Developer., Javascript, React Js, Node.js ยท Designing and implementing the structure of the application to building the backend API and front end UI part. All in one collaborative chat application for developers.DevConnect is a chat application for developers who want to be productive and get the most out of their time. Project discussions, important documents, Github repo integration. Designed for community collaboration provides integrations with GitHub.

NodeJs Starter Code

Open Source

NodeJs Starter Code for building API's. A boilerplate for NodeJs web applications API's.It includes api routes for auth where you can easily start with login and register with nodejs and mongoDb(Mongoose) as fast as possible. You can easily expand this project with a proper folder structure which is properly organised in an easy and understandable manner.